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What is Train the CHW Trainer (TTCT)?

A one-of-a-kind series of training solutions designed for individuals that aspire to elevate their skills in community health training to develop the next generation of Community Health Workers. Train the CHW Trainer features courses, workshops, products, and services designed to transform aspiring and current CHW Trainers into Master CHW Trainers.  

According to, there are approximately 61,300 CHWs currently employed in the workforce. This number is growing by leaps and bounds because of the crucial roles CHWs served during the COVID-19 response, as well as the financial backing of major public health organizations committed to ensuring that more people are trained and hired as CHWs.

 As more Community Health Workers are needed in the public health workforce, more CHW Trainers are needed to support CHWs with ongoing education and professional development. Need more information, watch the webainar below to better under the CHW role and the role of  a CHW Trainer.

Why Learn With Us?

  • Skill Development: Master the art of training with interactive sessions and innovative training techniques
  • Curriculum Development: Get insight into lesson planning and curriculum development that focuses on skill-building
  • Program Implementation: We don't just teach how to train CHWs, we teach how to start and sustain CHW training programs!
  • Learn on your own terms through live training, online courses, or 1:1 mentoring

Who is Train the CHW Trainer for?

  • CHWs with teaching experience
  • Healthcare Trainers & Educators
  • CHW Supervisors & Leaders
  • Professionals with background in Public/Community Health