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CHW Instructor Certification Course: LIVE

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2022 Schedule
Spring: February 3 - May 19
Fall: September 15 - December 29  

 "Truly enjoyed the interactive virtual learning environment! This course is designed to keep you engaged, and the takeaways extend past community health."

Vidya Ayyr

 "The CHWI training allows me to further develop in the eight core competencies needed to work in diverse communities. I recommend it to people who are passionate in community engagement." 

Song Ge

 "The course was excellent. Quisha taught me how to structure my courses to create a flowing learning environment, how to use Zoom and Microsoft Teams to enhance my courses, and how to make the learning experience interactive and educational."

Gwendolyn S. Moody

Course Description

Community Health Worker Instructors are individuals approved to provide instruction and training in one or more core competencies for Community Health Workers.  The  CHW Instructor course places emphasis on virtual-Instructor Led Training (v-ILT) and the program is 100% virtual. The CHW Instructor curriculum features hands-on practice (experiential learning), group activities,  demonstrations, role-playing, case studies, and simulations.

   This course reviews the following core competencies:
Communication Skills  
Interpersonal Skills  
Service Coordination Skills  
Capacity-Building Skills  
Advocacy Skills  
Teaching Skills  
Organizational Skills  
Knowledge-based skills with an emphasis on virtual-instructor led training (vILT)

vILT Topics include:
   Adult Learning Theories  
Identifying Learner Needs and Professional Practice Gaps  
Learning Outcomes vs Learning Objectives  
Virtual Facilitation Skills  
Facilitator Role vs Producer Role  
Virtual Interaction and Collaboration Tools  
Types of Professional Development Offerings  
Developing a Lesson Plan  
Conducting Literature Reviews  
Evaluating Trainings

Textbook Optional: Berthold, T. (2016). Foundations for Community Health Workers. (2nd Edition). John Wiley & Sons
(Can purchase paperback or electronic version)

Field Experience Hours: Field experience hours are required for Texas residents and must be completed before certificate is issued. 

Become a Certified Community Health Worker Instructor

Learn how to provide instruction and training in the Community Health Worker core competences.

Learn how to make your trainings more lively and how to manage distracted learners in a virtual environment.  

Learn how to evaluate your teaching programs.  

Learn how to develop and deliver content that is both educational and engaging.



One-time fee, USD incl VAT

  • 16-week course
  • Emphasis in Virtual Instructor Led Training
  • Tutoring and Career Services
  • Internship Placement Assistance

Quisha Umemba

Quisha Umemba is a Registered Nurse with a Public Health background. She is a qualified consultant, educator, speaker, trainer, facilitator, and coach with over 20 years in the healthcare/public health fields. As a talent development coach and mentor, Quisha has a passion for activating others to help them realize their untapped potential!  As a business consultant, Quisha loves helping women entrepreneurs figure out how to monetize their skillset to make impact and income to start their own service-based business.