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Train the CHW Trainer Online Course

Elevate your skills as a CHW Trainer!
"The training was amazing. I am a visual learner w/ADD. If the training doesn't keep me engaged, I will start to do other things. This training kept me excited about the next thing, and the next thing. The facilitator did an amazing job at interacting with the group, and teaching."

Workshop Participant

"I was very impressed with the scope and completeness of your outline and guidelines for curriculum development. I came to the workshop to see that and to see if you touch on learner engagement. That is my passion as you so powerfully point out is essential to identify. I have never heard it discussed and honored so specifically in curriculum planning and development. I loved it! Thank you."

Workshop Participant

"This training was excellent for those that want to create a CHW program or those individuals who are building their infrastructure. Again, I thought I was going to receive some techniques on virtual learning. But overall, the training was interesting."

Workshop Participant

Course Curriculum


Yes! Umemba Health is a Texas DSHS-approved provider of CHW and CHW Instructor certification and continuing education. (Certificate #64, Expiration 3/2025). Our courses and trainings may also qualify for Category II CECH for Certified Health Education Specialists and towards AAMA continuing education hours for Medical Assistants.

No. This course is meant to develop your skills as an instructor to effectively teach a CHW core competency CE training. Starting a CHW Training Academy is a much larger endeavor, but we can assist you with that process. Please email us for a 1:1 consultation or attend the next Start Your CHW Training Academy Workshop.

The UHA CHW Instructor Certification Course is a 12-week online course for those wishing to become Certified CHW Instructors. The Train-the-CHW-Trainer workshop is a continuing education/professional development opportunity for those that don't necessarily need or want to be certified as a CHW Instructor. The ideal participant wants to train CHWs in the CHW core competencies⁣, may be launching a CHW Training Program in the near future, may be considering adding CHW Training to their already established allied health institution, or may have been grandfathered in as a CHW Instructor but had no formal training⁣.

The LIVE workshop provides an opportunity for you to ask questions in real time and get answers addressing your unique situation. You will also have more time with the facilitator as the workshop is 4 hours long and the online course is 2.5 hours long. The LIVE workshop is interactive and allows the opportunity for you to practice certain skills with guided direction. There is no opportunity to do this with the online course.

Great question! After this workshop, you will be confident with the next steps you need to take to get started training Community Health Workers! You will have a better understanding of the CHW profession. You will have the knowledge necessary to ceate engaging and effective training sessions that can help your participants learn and apply new skills.

Unless otherwise specified, you will have 30-day access to the all courses and content.

Ask your employer! Get the support you need from your employer to participate in continuing education and professional development opportunities offered by Umemba Health. Download the Ask Your Employer Toolkit which includes an employee justification letter template, an organizational capabilities statement, a CHW Services flyer, and the UHA Student Catalog. Use only what you need!

All courses and workshops are offered in English only at this time.

Yes, group rates are available for 10 or more participants. Please email [email protected] for more information or use the contact us tab to get in touch.

Quisha Umemba

Known as “The Trainer’s Trainer”, Quisha Umemba is the CEO of Umemba Health LLC. She is a subject matter expert in public health and population health strategies that support workforce development and organizational performance, and she sought out for her expertise in clinical subject matters. Boasting multiple certifications and an impressive work history, Quisha has developed, implemented, and overseen numerous health initiatives and community collaborations throughout her 20+ years of experience. A nurse with a public health background, Quisha has a multifaceted, blended expertise that enables her to design uniquely specialized curricula and training programs with multi-level interventions. The result of her training programs is a multidimensional skillset that learners are immediately able to apply to the real world, improving public health and changing lives one person at a time.

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