License Our CHW Training Curriculum

You asked, we listened!

We’ve talked to numerous program managers, coordinators, and instructors to inquire about their pain points.

They wanted access to an up-to-date, readily available curriculum to train CHWs in the core competencies.  

They wanted to save time, not waste countless hours of their team's valuable time creating a CHW curriculum themselves.

They wanted something relevant, easily to implement, and easily adaptable to their learners.    

They wanted to save money, not spend thousands on a curriculum developer and instructional designer.  

We heard these challenges, so we developed a solution to meet your needs.  

Save yourself time, money, headache and frustration by licensing Umemba Health's Essential CHW Training Curriculum.

Why License Our Curriculum?

Our CHW training curriculum build the skills and competencies needed to promote health equity and reduce health disparities at the personal, family, and community levels. The curriculum aligns with national standards and can be used in diverse settings with diverse learners, in-person or virtually. You can also use our curriculum as a stand-alone, in-part, or in conjunction with another CHW training course.

Implementation Guidance

All licensing packages include instructor implementation training to ensure your trainers know how to implement the curriculum using our signature framework.

All-in-one Training Solution

Detailed lesson plans. PowerPoint slides decks with speaker scripts and prompts. Modules with built-in activities and recommmend self-study assignments all included.

Technical Assistance Included

All  licensing packages include consulting services to ensure your training program has a successful start. Add-on services also available on request.

The Curriculum Licensing Process

Estimated timeframe for process is 30-90 days

  • Complete online form to start the process.
  • Schedule your curriculum demonstration. 
  • Select package level and add-ons
  • Review and Sign MOU
  • Make payment
  • Schedule Instructor training dates
  • Get SharePoint access to curriculum materials 
  • Start Training Your Community Health Workers!

The Essential CHW Training Curriculum is available for licensing now. If you are interested in applying to be an Affiliate Instructor or Curriculum Licensing Partner, click the button below to get started. 

Interested in becoming an Affiliate Instructor and licensing our CHW Training Curriculum? Review the eligibility criteria below.

1. BE a licensed or certified chw/chwi 

Be a Certified CHW or CHW Instructor from an approving/accrediting body and have completed the Start Your CHW Training Academy Workshop.

2. Be a uha alumni

Be a graduate from Umemba Health Academy's CHW Instructor Certification Course

3. non-certified CHW

Be a non-certified or unofficial CHW or CHW Instructor and have completed the 4 workshops in the Teach it! Write it! Build it! Workshop Series