UHA Affiliate Instructor & Curriculum Licensing Partnership 

Curriculum Licensing Information 
 Individuals (Sole Proprietors) and Organizations interested in teaching the UHA CHW Curriculum can apply to be a partner site and license the curriculum on an annual basis. Licensing the curriculum will allow the licensee access to a secure shared drive with all curriculum content and materials which include an Implementation Guide, Facilitator Guides, Power Point Slide Decks, and Training Evaluations. There is no cost for UHA Affiliate Instructors to license the curriculum, however there is eligibility criteria that must be met.  

Partnership Overview
UHA Affiliate Instructor Partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship between Umemba Health LLC dba as Umemba Health Academy, and its Affiliate Instructors.  

Affiliate Instructor responsibilities include:
Signing of MOU for a 1 year term
Documentation of UHA-supported training events
Submission of quarterly and annual progress reports

UH/UHA responsibilities include:
Provision of online community
Resources to support training events
 Partnering on selected events  

Why partner as an Affiliate Instructor? 
Exposure and event partnership
Support and mentorship
Discounts on UHA workshops, courses, services, and products (50% for the first year)
Opportunity to join the UHA Affiliate Partnership Program
Opportunity to become a Partnering site and license the UHA CHW Curriculum

Curriculum Licensing Eligibility Criteria 
 Affiliate Instructors must have 12-months of verifiable experience providing instruction to adult learners, must have documented evidence of quality improvement based on learner evaluations, and meet 1 of the 3 eligibility requirements below. 

licensed or certified chw/chwi 

Be a Certified CHW or CHW Instructor from an approving/accrediting body and have completed the Start Your CHW Training Academy Workshop.

uha alumni

Graduate from the UHA CHW Instructor Certification Course

non-certified CHW

Be a non-certified or unofficial CHW or CHW Instructor and have completed the 4 workshops in the Teach it! Write it! Build it! Workshop Series

The UHA CHW Curriculum will be available for licensing in the Fall of 2022.
If you are interested in applying to be an Affiliate Instructor or Curriculum Licensing Partner, complete the application below to get started.