About Us

Mission: To elevate the multidimensional skillset of the frontline workforce through competency-based instruction.

Umemba Health Academy is a division of Umemba Health LLC; a woman-owned, minority-owned public health education and consulting agency that helps public health organizations and healthcare systems to educate their workforce, empower their leadership, and expand their community presence to elevate the lives of the individuals and communities they serve. 

We work to improve public health and population health practices by supporting individual development and organizational performance that generates results and drives healthy change.

One of the ways in which we do this is through high-quality training and professional development through Umemba Health Academy, our virtual campus for Community Health Workers (CHWs), CHW Instructors, and other public health professionals. 

Our service areas include:

1. Providing CHW Certification to include foundational or core competency training.
2. Providing CHW continuing education and other professional development opportunities.
3. Assisting public health professionals in getting and keeping CHW jobs and in performing to their job duties to top of their scope.
4. Supporting CHW Instructors and Trainers, preparing them to lead and instruct the next generation of Community Health Workers.
5. Collaborating with agencies that support and utilize CHWs. This includes public health organizations, non-profits, and healthcare systems. 

Umemba Health is a Texas DSHS-approved provider of CHW and CHW Instructor certification and continuing education. (Certificate #64, Expiration 2/2024).

Elevating the
Multidimensional Skillset

Our workshops and professional development trainings are available through a combination of on-demand, self-paced learning as well as live, instructor-led sessions. We can also customize training options for your organization based upon the needs of your learners. Our delivery modalities include live or pre-recorded webinars, live workshops, virtual learning series, and virtual summits.

Our Teaching Philosophy

We believe that front line health workers are the heart and soul of public health.    

We believe health workers have incredible expertise and by empowering them through online learning and virtual training, we make a larger impact on the world to save and improve more lives.    

We believe education can be made accessible and affordable to all learners by creating exceptional learning experiences using digital tools.    

We believe in education and training that provides an interactive, engaging experience so learners can quickly achieve results that are easily replicated in the real world.    

We believe investing in front line health workers is a win-win for everyone producing positive results for workers, employers, and communities.