Student Resource Center

The UHA Student Resource Center helps students reach their education and career goals through individualized support, personalized career advising, internship opportunities, and resources that helps students begin to build a professional network! 


Monthly group tutoring sessions are available for all students who may also schedule one-on-one appointments with UHA faculty to review material for comprehension and skill development. Tutoring is not mandatory. It is a voluntary service offered to assist  students in reaching the goal of course completion. 


Formal graduation ceremonies are held twice annually. A Certificate of Completion is awarded to those meeting the graduation requirements. Students must satisfactorily complete their course of study and satisfy all financial obligations to apply for and participate in graduation.    


Umemba Health Academy cannot guarantee employment for our students however we do assist our students with the tools and resources that make it easier to find, apply for, and keep a job. The UHA CHW Career Ready Toolkits are available for all students enrolled into any course of study at Umemba Health Academy. 


UHA students have the opportunity to earn special awards while pursuing their studies. Specific awards that can be achieved are Perfect Attendance, Student of the Month, and Academic Excellence Awards. Students can also nominate their peers, preceptors, instructor, or themselves for Special Recognition.


Some students will be required to complete field experience hours for their preferred course of study. Internship placement assistance and the UHA Internship Toolkit is available to assist students in securing internship opportunities.