CHW Training 101 (for CHW Trainers)

This course features three modules:

 Module 1: Understanding the CHW Role reviews the CHW profession, best practices in CHW training and education, and how to navigate the CHW landscape to set yourself up for success on your journey to becoming a CHW Trainer or Master CHW Trainer.  

Module 2: Core Skills for CHW Trainers provides comprehensive and practical guidance to the art and science of CHW training.  

Module 3: Incorporating technology in CHW Training delves into the rapidly evolving landscape of technology in training to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to transform your CHW training approach through innovative technology.  

Quisha Umemba

Known as “The Trainer’s Trainer”, Quisha Umemba is the CEO of Umemba Health LLC. She is a subject matter expert in public health and population health strategies that support workforce development and organizational performance, and she sought out for her expertise in clinical subject matters. Boasting multiple certifications and an impressive work history, Quisha has developed, implemented, and overseen numerous health initiatives and community collaborations throughout her 20+ years of experience. A nurse with a public health background, Quisha has a multifaceted, blended expertise that enables her to design uniquely specialized curricula and training programs with multi-level interventions. The result of her training programs is a multidimensional skillset that learners are immediately able to apply to the real world, improving public health and changing lives one person at a time.

Course Pricing

  • CHW Training 101 (for CHW Trainers)
  • $25 USD

  • Understanding the CHW Role
  • CHW Training Essentials: Core Skills for CHW Trainers
  • Incorporating Technology in CHW Training
  • 365 day access