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Posted On Aug 03, 2021 |

Resources for continuous professional development

Beginning August 2021 Umemba Health will host "Professional Development Forums" (PDFs). Professional Development Forums will provide Community Health Workers with opportunities for professional development and continuing education. During the PDFs, CHWs will be able to learn virtually and engage in timely discussions relevant to their practice and skillset.  PDFs will be a great opportunity to network, discover and share resources, and learn new skills.

Our PDFs will include 60-minute discussions on a variety of different topics that range from:

  • CHW core competencies
  • Current events
  • Public health trends
  • Other advanced training topics

Our first PDF will be held on Wednesday, August 11th at 11am CST. The topic for this month's PDF is Cultural Competency: Language Access. The information covered will include Title VI, language selection, child/family interpretation, using live vs telephone interpreters, and more. Save your seat and join the conversation by registering to attend today.


Umemba Health, LLC equips front-line health workers though continuing education and professional development training. Our interactive and engaging virtual learning environment allow learners to quickly achieve results that are easily replicated in the real world. We believe investing in front-line health workers is a win-win for everyone producing positive results for workers, employers, and communities. Find out more about Umemba Health, LLC by visiting us at

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