Signature Courses for CHW Trainers

Learn how to train Community Health Workers and keep them engaged.
Learn how to develop interactive and effective training programs.
Learn how to start your own CHW Training Academy.
Learn all of this and more with our signature workshops and courses!

Train-the-CHW Trainer

Teach It!

A 4-hour interactive workshop that provides a broad introduction to the role of the CHW Trainer. This workshop includes a step-by-step blueprint to getting started training CHWs. This workshop is also a great refresher for instructors returning to the classroom.
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Community Health Worker Instructor

Teach It!

Become certified as a CHW Instructor. Learn to provide instruction and training in one or more core competencies for Community Health Workers. CHW Instructors can offer both CEs as well as certification courses. Enroll in the Spring or Fall Semester.
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Virtual Instructor Led Training 

Teach It! (Virtually)

A 4-hour interactive workshop which provides an in-depth overview of virtual-Instructor Led Training (vILT) to prepare you for engaging your learners in the virtual environment.
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Curriculum Development Workshop

Write It!

A 4-hour workshop that teaches how to develop well-designed curricula that deepens learning and supports learners in gaining important core competencies. Get actionable steps to focus on what students will learn, and how students will learn it.
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Start Your CHW Training Academy Workshop and Mentoring Program

Build It!

In this full-day training, we take the guess work out and give you the step-by-step process for starting your very own CHW Training Academy. Participants have the option of attending the full-day workshop only or participating in the workshop and coaching program designed to help you get your training program underway quicker.
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