Technical Assistance for CHW Trainers &
Training Organizations

Consulting Services to Help You Start or Scale Your CHW Programs

  • Curriculum Licensing  
  • Curriculum Preparation 
  • Curriculum Development 
  • Policies & Procedures 
  • Student Handbooks
  • Syllabus Creation 
  • Program Applications 
  • Instructor Applications 
  • CE Accrediation 
  • CHW Program Development
  • And more!

DIY: Do-It-Yourself

Willing to take on the complexities of tasks yourself? Then take control of your project and D-I-Y! Our "do-it-yourself" services are cost-effective and best for fast learners and those just starting out.

DWY: Done-WITH-You

Save time and money while we keep you accountable. Work with an expert every step of the way. We'll provide you with technical assistance and project management so you can implement projects faster.

DFY: Done-FOR-You

Outsource your project to our team for a "white glove solution". Our "done-for-you" services are high-touch, attention to detail services that are customized and personalized to your organizational needs.