Train-The-CHW Trainer Workshop


Saturday, 19 February 2022
10:00 AM CST

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Ready to Start Training CHWs?

What is the “Train-the-CHW Trainer” Workshop?

The first of its kind, the “Train-the-CHW Trainer” workshop provides a broad introduction to the role of the CHW Trainer. This 2-hour workshop provides a step-by-step process to help you get started training CHWs for continuing education and professional development opportunities. The “Train-the-CHW Trainer” workshop is interactive and features activities designed to eliminate guess work and help you to develop a plan for getting started quickly.

Who Should Attend?
Community Health Workers, CHW Supervisors, CHW Program Managers, and CHW Instructors. (Instructors from other backgrounds are also encouraged to attend).

What will you learn?

  • Role and Responsibilities of Community Health Workers  
  • State-Specific Requirements of CHW Training   
  • Role of the CHW Instructor   
  • Curriculum Development and Lesson Planning   
  • Assessing Learning Needs/Identifying Gaps     
  • Adult Learning Principles and Learning Styles  
  • How to Tailor Educational Content to Meet CHW Needs
  • Evaluating Your Training
  • Recruiting and Retention Strategies
  • Tips for Getting Started

What to expect?

This is a 2-hour “work” shop, meaning this learning activity will include discussions and activities related to the topic. Please come fully invested in the learning process (working, thinking, processing, doing, creating, and interacting). At the end of the workshop and after completion of a pre-assessment and post evaluation, you will receive a certificate of completion. 

What's included?

A broad introduction to the role of the CHW Trainer. A step-by-step process to get started teaching CHWs and providing continuing education. Upgraded tickets include workshop recording, small group coaching, workbook, samples and example templates.

What you need? 

English proficiency (written and spoken), laptop or computer, reliable high-speed internet/WIFI, webcam, and willingness to commit to the entire 2- hour workshop.


Will CEs be provided?

Yes! Umemba Health is a Texas DSHS-approved provider of CHW and CHW Instructor certification and continuing education. (Certificate #68, Expiration 3/2022). Our courses and training workshops may also qualify for Category II CECH for Certified Health Education Specialists and towards AAMA continuing education hours for Medical Assistants.

Will this workshop teach me how to open my own CHW Training Academy?

No. This course is meant to develop your skills as an instructor to effectively teach a CHW core competency CE training. Starting a CHW Training Academy is a much larger endeavor, but we can assist you with that process. Please email us for a 1:1 consultation or attend the Start Your CHW Training Academy Workshop.

What will I be able to do after I finish this training?

Great question! After this workshop, you will be confident in the steps you need to take to get started training Community Health Workers!



  • Admission to Live Workshop

Live workshop & WoRKBOOK


  • Workshop Recording
  • Workbook with Examples and Templates (Lesson plan template, Pre and Post Evaluation template, Training Evaluation template, and more).

live workshop,  WORKbook and a 1:1 consultation


  • Workshop Recording
  • Workbook with Examples and Templates (Lesson plan template, Pre and Post Evaluation template, Training Evaluation template, and more).
  • 1-60 minute consultation