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Skill-Building Workshops for CHWs

Upskilling, Reskilling, Newskilling

Upskilling, Reskilling, Newskilling


To work at the top of their scope of practice, Community Health Workers should constantly acquire new competencies for their positions. Prepare your CHWs to move laterally or into newly created roles as work healthcare trends continute to evole.


As new trends and technologies continue to emerge, new skills and training in completely new subjects are required for CHWs to stay current and up-to-date. Elevate the skills of your CHWs to the next level with additional training or education to build upon and advance their current skills.


CHWs are in high-demand. Make sure they have the new skills necessary in this ever changing new world, developing new skills that are applicable to their current roles, and delivering continuous education to help them advance on their current career path.

Why skill-building?....

Skill building is beneficial to the organization and employees in the following areas:
•Improving employee and organizational performance  
•Helping employees and organizations prepare for the future  
•Engaging and retaining employees

Sample of Skill-Building Workshop Topics

  • Service-Coordination
  • Care Management
  • Health Coaching
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Team-based care
  • Topics available on request and tailored to your learners

Let us take your learners on a
Learning Journey

Our workshops and professional development trainings are available through a combination of on-demand, self-paced learning as well as live, instructor-led sessions. We customize training options for your organization based upon the needs of your learners. Our delivery modalities include live or pre-recorded webinars, live workshops, virtual learning series, and virtual summits. Inquire today! Let us take your learners on the UHA learning journey!