Community Health Worker Information Session

Become a Certified Community Health Worker!

Course Description

Interested in becoming a Community Health Worker?

Community Health Workers serve as a bridge between the community, health care, and government/social service systems. Community Health Workers are experts in addressing the Social Determinants of Health and CHWs are in high demand!  

In this course, you will receive a broad introduction to the CHW profession, an overview of the CHW training and certification process, the job opportunities that exist for you as a CHW, and more!

Quisha Umemba

Quisha Umemba is a Registered Nurse with a Public Health background. She is a qualified consultant, educator, speaker, trainer, facilitator, and coach with over 20 years in the healthcare/public health fields. As a talent development coach and mentor, Quisha has a passion for activating others to help them realize their untapped potential!  As a business consultant, Quisha loves helping women entrepreneurs figure out how to monetize their skillset to make impact and income to start their own service-based business.

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  • CHW Information Session
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