Career Readiness for Community Health Workers

3.0 CEs available

Course Description

Learn the skills and competencies you need to look for, apply to, interview for, and gt promoted on a CHW job.

This course features workshop recordings from the 2022 UHA Summer Session Series.
The Summer Sessions Series was a 3-workshop series of Professional Development Forums that featured topics centered around CHW professional development.

Each workshop is eligible for 1 hour of certified Continuing Education credits for a total of 3.0 credit hours.

See a short description of each workshop below:

Texas CHW Certification Process- (CEs available for Texas residents only)
An overview of the initial and renewal certification process for CHWs residing in Texas.

CHW Career Readiness
How to search for, apply to, interview for, and advance in a CHW position.

CHW Career Pathways
An overview of the various CHW Career Pathways and a Q&A with guest panel.

Course Curriculum

Quisha Umemba

Quisha Umemba is a Registered Nurse with a Public Health background. She is a qualified consultant, educator, speaker, trainer, facilitator, and coach with over 20 years in the healthcare/public health fields. As a talent development coach and mentor, Quisha has a passion for activating others to help them realize their untapped potential!  As a business consultant, Quisha loves helping women entrepreneurs figure out how to monetize their skillset to make impact and income to start their own service-based business.